Joy is a wonderful baker that has over 15 years of experience in traditional baking and pastry, and would be happy to make your next occasion the best with contemporary style of cookies or cakes to order.

Texagonian* Joy Childress is a pastry chef focused on making the world a sweeter place one dessert at a time. She founded Sweets & Joyness in 2011 to capture fun events and personalities in custom cake and cookie designs.

Joy's love for pastry-making started early with a cake decorating course at a local craft store when she was in jr. high. From there Joy spent her formative years nurturing an   interest in calligraphy and design and building her decorating expertise with a cake decorating job at Cold Stone Creamery.

Joy received her Patisserie and Baking Associate of Arts degree from Western Culinary Institute in 2007. Since then, she has worked for a number of Portland, Oregon's finest bakeries - including three-times Cupcake Wars winner Crave Bake Shop (now Kyra's Bake shop), Helen Bernhard's Bakery, and Marsee Baking - honing her confectionary crafts and creating her unique approach to custom desserts.

*A native Texan living in Oregon or a native Oregonian living in Texas.

Whether you want to join a class or host a cookie decorating party at your house with friends; you can learn something new and make delicious treats to give to friends or family. (or just keep for yourself!)